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Better Mobile Site Design for Marketing Advantage

According to the latest report, most of the online purchases are now being made using mobile devices. It means that if you are not having the mobile version of your website, your business is at the serious risk of failing against your competitors.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t also mean that having just a mobile version of the website can guarantee better conversion rates and sales. Mobile search in order to make a purchase is usually a goal-oriented process as searcher would probably leave the website if it fails to respond instantly and effectively. So, it majorly comes down to the design of the website. Better mobile site design is ultimately going to ensure better conversion.
Having said that, we are going to mention some very important areas of mobile site design you need to work on in order to make the overall mobile browsing experience of your website better.
Homepage and navigation Homepage is the entry point of your website, so not making it interesting may distract the users befo…